Sunday, May 31, 2009

Wii Motion Plus Update

Its almost June (or already is depending on when you read this) and that means something new is comming to the Wii. If you have been following this blog from the start then you might know what I'm talking (typing) about drumroll please ... its the Wii MotionPluse accessory. The Wii MotionPluse (motion pluse as one word) will be released speratly and with the new game Wii Sports Resort which is the sequal to Wii Sports. Wii Sports Resort will be the first game to work with the new attachment and then probaly most of the games after that. Thw Wii MotionPlus will be released on June 8th for the price of $20 and will come with a new type of Wii Jacket to fit the wiimote and its new accessory.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Punch Out!!

Punch Out!! is almost here's a little info on the game. In some ways its like boxing in Wii Sports Boxing. But to dodge hits you move the joy-stick left or right to doge. Obviously you use the wiimote and nunchuck to throw punches.In between rounds your trainer Doc (yes the Doc from the old Punch out games) will give you hints about who you are fighting. After a series of hits you can get a power up to do some serious damage to your opponent. Well that's about it for now Punch Out!! is coming soon and because it was developed by Nintendo that means it comes with Club Nintendo points!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Personal Tranier: Walking

Remember awhile ago I posted about a DS attachment. Well that game is coming to America. The price is unknown but I can tell it wont be $30 because it comes with two thats right TWO pedmoiters to track how your doing. The game is kinda like a Wii Fit for the DS because you get to create a Mii type character for your playing file. On the back of the display box it mentioned diffrent ways to use the pedomiter such as putting it on your dogs collar.

Update Mario & Sonic at the Winter Olymipc Games

Awhile ago I posted about the next Mario & Sonic st the olymipc games... game. Events include Bobslead, Skiing & Snowboarding and speed skating. The Wii balance board will be used in this game. Most likely for Skiing and Snowboarding. Probaly all characters from the origonal will be in it or some gone and some new ones or all old ones and new ones. It will have 2 player mode and unknow about what will go on with Wi-fi.

Upcoming New Play Control Games

Soon to be released in America is Donkey Kong:Jungle Beat. Snooping around on the Japan Nintendo site I found even more. First up Metroid Prime, controls will probaly be similar to Metroid Prime 3. Next is Pikmin 2, controls probaly exactly the same as New Play Control: Pikmin.