Sunday, February 22, 2009


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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

DSi Launch Date!

As you all know the DSi is already in Japan and now it is on it;s way to the states. The DSi Will be released on April 5 2009! If you have read my other posts about the DSi you probaly know all about it. If you havent this is what's diffrent about it from the DS and DS lite.

1. It can't play Gameboy games

2. Has A built in Internet Browser

3. Has a Built in Camera

4. DSi ware (Similar to WiiWare)

5. SD card slot to hold pictures and music.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Mario and Sonic at the Winter Olympic games

Coming late to shelves this year is Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games only this time winter version. It was only announced but with less that a year to go until the winter games I guessing that it will be out at around Thanksgiving(USA). It will be on both the Wii and DS hopefully this time with multiplayer Wi-Fi.

Boom Blox: Bash Party

Boom Blox is back in Boom Blox:Bash Party for the Wii. It will have four new worlds, many new features, new characters, Wi-Fi playability and over 400 new levels! Producers of the games have said that they will remove some of the junk things from the original game like the hose. There will also be new blocks and bocks will also be in new shapes like cylinders. One new thing is "The Sling Shot" where you choose what you want to throw, pull back on the Wiimote, and watch it fly! The game will also have you thinking more because there is more that one way to solve a level. Because of this in the under water world (that's what I'm calling it) The throw items will move slower and in Space Worlds there will be less gravity. Finally you will be able to download new content.

Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings

Indy is back but this time he's not Lego. Not much is know about the game but of what I've read it seems that it takes place before The Temple of the Crystal Skull because Indy is back to fighting Nazis. Also the Wiimote will act as Indy's whip. The game is basically you as Indy fighting your way to the treasure using anything as a weapon.Indy's fight style in the game is his usual one strangling people, fighting with fists, strangling people with his whip, and of course using his whip. (duh)

Dsi Ware

I recently found out that DSi ware is more of new thigs to do in games . Like new Levels You cans also buy short games like Dr.Mario. Some games that you can buy new versions of are...


Master of Illusion

Brain Age: Literature Edition

Brain Age: Science Edition

Club House Games

and many others.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Nintendo Power Awards 2008

Go to the following website to vote in the 2008 Nintendo Power Awards. Vote for your favorite games of 2008! The results come out next month.

Voting Website

February Releases

Here's the list of February games. There all going to be on the Wii.

Nascar: Kart Racing

Fishing Master World Tour

Disney Sing It: High School Musical 3 Senior Year

Imagine: Fashion Party

Featured WiiWare game: Lit

Featured Virtual Console Game: Sonic The Hedgehog 2

I think this month's games are all pretty lame. :-(