Saturday, February 14, 2009

Boom Blox: Bash Party

Boom Blox is back in Boom Blox:Bash Party for the Wii. It will have four new worlds, many new features, new characters, Wi-Fi playability and over 400 new levels! Producers of the games have said that they will remove some of the junk things from the original game like the hose. There will also be new blocks and bocks will also be in new shapes like cylinders. One new thing is "The Sling Shot" where you choose what you want to throw, pull back on the Wiimote, and watch it fly! The game will also have you thinking more because there is more that one way to solve a level. Because of this in the under water world (that's what I'm calling it) The throw items will move slower and in Space Worlds there will be less gravity. Finally you will be able to download new content.

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