Saturday, October 4, 2008

My top 5 E3 games

Here is a List of my top 5 games that I'm looking forward to that were announced at the E3 and weather I'm saying buy, rent or pass.

5: Mega Man 9: I haven't played the first ones but Ive heard there good so since you cant rent it because it going to be sold on Wii Ware i say Its up to you since Ive never played any of the games in the series.

4:Wii Music: It's not like guitar hero or rock band instead you move the wiimote like a guitar pick the only bad thing I have to say about it is that Nintendo power mentioned some of its song and the all sound pretty lame I say rent or pass.

3: Shawn White Snow Boarding: All I can say is that its another good use for the balance board so if you like snowboarding buy it.

2:Animal Crossing City Folk- Even though everyone is looking forward to his I think that it will be like all the others (only in a city instead of a town) but it will probably be the first to use Wii Speak considering they will be released at the same time I say Buy!

1:Wii Sports Resort: I can guarantee that some of you are thinking "What?!?!" because I ranked this over Animal Crossing but I like many others is a huge fan of the Wii's motion ability and this is what this game is about and also you get the wii motion pulse free with it.

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