Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Excitebots: Trick Raceing

From the makers of Excite Bike and Excite Truck comes Excitebots. I'm kinda comparing it as a mix of Excite Truck and SPOG racing only without the weapons. The graphics don't look as good as Excite Truck but the game is probably just as good. You get stars the same way as Excite Truck such as Tree Runs, Crashed, Air, ECT. However it is very different from Excite Truck. One new thing is that you can used the wii wheel (well you can use that with Excite Truck too but this time is easier to use it). Another thing is that it goes on Wi-Fi and Mini-games. Some mini-games are Soccer, Blowing, and throwing something into a clowns mouth (creepy) which you will see in the video on the games web site. For more info check out

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