Monday, July 27, 2009

Wii Sports Resort Review

Yesterday Wii Sports Resort was released to North America coming with the game was the Wii MotionPlus. When you first start the game you will have to watch a instruction video about how to remove, attach and calibrate the MotionPlus. Then
The game will randomly chose a Mii and you will skydive down onto Wuhu Island. The Skydiving game is good to get familiar to the enhanced controls for the game but when you land you will want move onto different games. Also in the Air sports category is Flying where you fly a play around the island collecting information points around the island. Or you can Dogfight with a friend and shoot each other out of the sky. There are two returning games from the original Wii Sports they are Golf and Bowling. Golf is about the same from Wii Sports only thing new is that their are some new courses. As for bowling it is more challenging than the original a little more realistic and will take some time to get used to. There are two types of basketball games a 3-Point contest and a pick-up game. The motion for shooting is done in three parts. 1 Press the "B" button to pick a ball up from the cart, 2 Raise your arm, 3 move your wist or arm back 4 move your wist or arm forward. In other words the Wii explains it to ringing a bell above your head. Archery is a very fun game you pull back with the Wiimote, press the "Z" button, line up your shot according to the wind, and release "Z". Archery is one of my favorites in the game. Next Up is wake boarding in this game you hold the Wiimote on its side and go from side to side going over waves to do tricks and get points. Swordplay takes great control over the MotionPlus in this you simply try to hit your opponent off the platform into the water my favorite mode in this game is "Speed Slice" where you have to cut a abject on a certain angle before your opponent does. Power Cruising is another favorite of mine. You can race a friend or go through check points to reach the goal before time runs out. Cycling is nothing special, You pump your arms and turn by moving your arms on a slant its fun but not all that great. However Frisbee is very fun the MotionPlus can tell every angel the remote is on so you have to get it just right same goes with Frisbee golf which is another great game. Canoeing is fun but take some getting used to. Table Tennis or Ping-Pong is awesome . to Hit the ball you simply swing the Wiimote but to get spin on the ball you have to mimic the way you would really hit the ball as if you were really playing Table Tennis. Overall Wii Sports Resort is a great game and takes good control with the MotionPlus. If you love Sports games and Wii movement this game will be great for you. I've only played the game for maybe 2 to 3 hours and I love it. On a scale from 1 to 10 I give it a 10!

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