Friday, June 12, 2009

June Releases

First up is "Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2010" which will take advantage of the Wii MotionPluse. The Tiger Woods games are good because they really take control of the Wii movement. I Only have Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2008 which was a good game, I have no clue about PGA 2009, but I'm guessing that this one's gonna be good because of the MotionPluse being used and how PGA 2008 was. I'd say if your a golf fan buy it or if your not sure rent it.

Second is "Guitar Hero:Smash Hits". Which has the best songs from all the previous Guitar Hero games and some new ones.

Next is "The Conduit" which is a shooter game (in first person view). In this game fight off aliens and will be compatible with the Wii Speak.

And last is Wii Sports resort. Which is a squeal to Wii Sports. Although that come out on July 26 for more info on this game check out some of my other posts.

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