Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New Zelda Wii Rumors

There have been many rumors going around about this new Zelda but here's a fact. In an interview on January 6, 2010, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata stated, "You are now less than 365 days away from a new console Zelda game." Later that month, he confirmed that the game will be showcased at the next E3. So maybe this Zelda announcement Shigeru Miyamoto will be wearing a green tunic in addition the the Master Sword and shield at the announcement of Twilight Princess. Shigeru Miyamoto also said that Twilight Princess will be "without a doubt, the last Zelda game as you know it in its present form." That probably means that this one will take more advantages of the Wii movement most likely using the Wii MotionPlus. The "Spirit" in the first poster for the game (see photo above) is thought to be the Queen of the Fairies or some spirit of the Master Sword. In addition to this many online posts about the game thing that the game will have to do with the Master Sword or that the Master Sword will not make a appearance in the game. However I think it will due to the fact that it has been in every Zelda game and that the "Spirit" will be your guide like Navi or Minda. Another rumor is that before you start the game you will be able to chose if you want Link to be right or left handed. I believe this because Link has always been a lefty until the Wii version of Twilight Princess. Why was he right handed in that? Because most people are right handed and with the Wiimote controlling the sword it would make sense for Link to have it in the same hand. Many sites are saying that it might be names "The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Future" this is possible due to the old Zelda game "A Link to the Past" but I don't really believe it. Another is that there might be voice acting in the game (except for Link because he never talks" I would like this and so would everyone else, but I don't think its going to happen (but still have that inch of hope!). There is still no trailer or any other concept art or screen shots. I say to you that if its not from Nintendo its-self dont belive it.

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