Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Next DS

Well tomorrow is the release of the DSi XL in North America and to get us psyched for it I'll break the news of the next DS. Its codename is the Nintendo 3Ds codename meaning its probably not going to be its real name just like how the Wii's codename was the Revolution. I had read that it was going to have "tilt-action" as I like to call it. By "tilt-action" I mean how you can tilt the system for it to do things in the game similar the the iPhone, iPod Touch and some cell phones. But now I have read (and the reason Im publishing this now" is that this DS is planned to have 3-D graphics I don't mean in-game I mean out side of it... without making people wear 3-D glasses(Parallax Barrier it's called) . Hopefully this 3-D system wont fail like the Virtual Boy did. The system will be compatible with DS and DSi titles and (as of so far) planned to be discussed at this years E3 (Also on DEFINITE game planned to be announced at the E3 is the new Zelda for Wii). The system is planned to be released near the end of March 2011.

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