Monday, May 3, 2010

Black Wii in North America Confirmed

Well the black Wii has been confirmed in North America. A few websites said that it would be here May 9th but I think we would be seeing commercials by now and the last issue of Nintendo Power defiantly would have said something about it while the magazine hasn't even mentioned it. But there's still a good chance its going to come out on that day if that date has been said more than once. Another thing is that buying this wii is a GREAT deal. Back around Christmas the Wii's price was lowered to $199.99 which is $50 less then its starting price, now this package included the system, wiimote + nunchuck and Wii Sports. Now the black Wii package is by far better. It comes with a black Wii, black wiimote + nunchuck, black WiimotionPlus, Wii Sports, and Wii Sports Resort. Now if you bought a regular Wii and everything included you save about $70. So if your thinking about buying a Wii defiantly get the Black Wii package.

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