Saturday, May 22, 2010

New Wii's and Super Mario Galaxy 2 Tomorrow!

Well May 23rd is just hours away and you know what that means? New stuff! Tomorrow will be the release of the black Wii system and the new Wii package. The new package includes everything that was in the old box but with some extras. These include a Wii MotionPlus and Wii Sports Resort and its all for the same price of $199.99. So its a great deal since it's the same lowered price. Also coming out tomorrow is Super Mario Galaxy 2! Here's some news on that.
*Luigi has bee confirmed as a playable character.
*Yoshi has his own power-ups
*There will be different gravity effects on different planets.
*There is a Drill item which can be used to drill through planets to attack foe's or find hidden items.

Well that's kinda it for all big news, sure there are new plants and power-ups but chances are (since I'm posting this late) you've already read about them. Hopefully this game will be harder than the first because I beat the original in about a week. Next big release for you gamers to look out for is Metroid: Other M which will be arriving August 31.

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